Don Ness


July 24, 2019 – Don Ness, former Mayor of Duluth will be in Warroad on Monday, August 5th to share his insight on how communities can us shared narratives strategies to encourage revitalization. This FREE event will be held at Allison Park Pavilion from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM. A light lunch will be available. RSVPs are appreciated. All are welcome! 

During his final year in office, residents of Duluth gave Don a 92% approval rating, leading some to refer to him as “America’s most popular mayor”. Since leaving elected office, Don has actively promoted public service by writing books, teaching college students, and speaking to communities across Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Don is generously volunteering his time and energy to bring his positive message and community-based insights to Warroad. Don believes strongly in the importance of strong regional centers in rural America. His presentation will feature ideas, strategies, and tactics for communities building a positive, solution-minded culture. 

After learning of the community-building efforts here in Warroad, Don felt his presentation could be helpful. After reaching out to Warroad leaders to discuss the possibility, Don and his young family made plans to visit Warroad to make this presentation as part of their family vacation. 

“This opportunity is timed perfectly. It comes at a time where there is a planful effort underway to think about the vision for Warroad in partnership with the City and Warroad Community Development, LLC,” said Warroad mayor, Bob Marvin. 

About the Lunch and Learn Session 

Describing Our Community – the importance of shared narratives and common purpose 

“There is power and importance in the way that we describe our community. Every town has a constantly evolving story created through thousands of individual conversations. How do we talk about our town’s past, present, and future? How can we encourage authentic stories that inspire pride and optimism? How can we inspire folks to find a sense of purpose and identity in the success of their community? 

“We’ll explore the strategies and tactics that communities can use to encourage positive shared narratives. We’ll explore the traps and pitfalls that can frustrate and undercut community optimism. We’ll explore how fixing our most vexing public problems and addressing our biggest challenges can create the most powerful and impactful stories.” – Don Ness 

Reserve your spot today by calling 218.386.4148, email, online at or stop by the DD Hub between 8AM-5PM, Monday – Friday.