The Warroad downtown district is essential to community vitality. It’s the heart of the City, has historical significance, and holds many memories for the generations of people who live here. Over time, some buildings along Main Avenue have aged, foreclosed, or building owners expressed their intentions to seek new opportunities.

Warroad Real Estate (WRE) – a subsidiary of Marvin – has signed purchase agreements to acquire some of the properties with intent to renovate them over time. With the energy around Warroad Community Development and entrepreneurship growth through services offered at the Discovery and Development Hub, the time is right to invest in the future of Warroad.

Some buildings represent historic Warroad, with at least one dating to 1914. All are in need of updates, new design elements, and charm to attract small businesses – existing or new – to rent or purchase in the future. Plans are in place to help existing tenants find new locations or set their future plans in motion. One business, Main Street Bar and Grill, will remain open until June 2020 before closing their doors, aligning with their intentions to seek new opportunities.

This is a long-term, philanthropic investment to enable entrepreneurship by creating retail/business space in the downtown district that is updated, modern, and practical for Warroad. The goal of Warroad Real Estate (WRE) is not to own or operate any retail business, but rather make the spaces tenant-ready for businesses to be operated by others. There is no set timeline established; however, planning is expected to begin in the spring of 2020.

For over 100 years, Warroad remains home and headquarters for Marvin – a fourth generation family-owned and -operated company driven by a common purpose to imagine and create better ways of living. Marvin is proud to partner with Warroad community leaders to strive for and become known as an even more amazing place to live, work, and play.

For questions or more information, please contact Marvin’s community development director Brenda Baumann, located at the Discovery and Development Hub, by phone at 218.386.4148 or via email at


The Discovery and Development Hub, located at the Lake Street Center in Warroad, MN, is a coworking space designed to collaborate, ideate, and innovate for community, business, and economic development opportunities that will enrich the vitality of the community for its citizens and visitors of today and tomorrow.