August 2, 2021 |  

Dear friends of the DD Hub, 

Over the past four years, we’ve been fortunate to serve you and the Warroad area community by offering co-working space, meeting space and entrepreneurial services at 201 Lake Street NE, Suites D & G. It’s been FUN and REWARDING! 

To make room for a new offering in Warroad (yet to be announced), we are going to be moving our offices just a few doors down to 113 Lake Street NE, Suites B & C. The Warroad Chamber/Visitors Center will be joining us in the relocation and we again, will share space to serve the Warroad Area community. 

We anticipate moving in the week of August 9 and will be in transition for a couple of weeks to prepare, settle in, test the technology, and work out any unforeseen circumstances.  

Our new space at the DD Hub will be configured differently. We will no longer have capacity to host more than six people for a meeting, nor will we have private office space to reserve. Fortunately, with some new business start-ups, meeting space is available throughout the community. We are happy to provide you with a list of  possibilities. 

We will have two table-top nooks with video conference capabilities in semi-private spaces; and plenty of space to remote work, brainstorm or meet up with consultants. Our mantra has always been, “what happens at the hub, stays at the hub” and we keep confidentiality a high priority! 

The idea of co-working is to collaborate, share ideas, and to learn from one another. We will be practicing our co-working model to its fullest extent at our new location and invite you to come take a look at our new space mid-August. Regular office hours are from 9AM – 4PM, Monday through Friday. 

We are excited to serve you in our new location and appreciate your understanding as we work through this transition.  

Brenda Baumann
Executive Director